Join us in a flight to the sacred Yawanawa forest!

5 - 15 of April 2024

Putani, Birasi and Yawanawa family

Aldeia Sagrada

Native Yawanawa tribe’s land

Acre - Brazil

A deep dive into Yawanawa culture and the spirituality of its origins.

We are honored and proud to be able to invite you to the Sacred Village (Aldeia Sagrada), to the Yawanawa tribe!

The spiritual beauty that flows into the world through their music, the joy with which they work for the common good, the dedication to their mission - these are some of the qualities that we have a chance to learn.

A unique opportunity to experience life in the spiritual spot of Yawanawa, led by strong tribal leaders Birasi Kasiki and Putani Yawanawa who have revived culture and life in this village.

An incredible experience that renews faith in humanity and radically changes everyone’s life.

Activities in the tribe.

On this trip to the Heart of the Amazonian jungle we will get in touch with life of the Yawanawa people, who have preserved their knowledge and managed to restore their traditions.

*the program may differ (in the Forest everything is possible)

Putanni Yawanawa

Yawanawa spirituality is a sacred land where a woman has never dared to enter before, as since the time of her ancestors it has belonged to men only.

In 2005, two women, Putanni and her sister, were the first to take the sacred oath of the Yawanawa people.

Since then they have been recognized as the first women to be trained in Yawanawa spiritual practices. After a year of a strict diet, Putanni was recognized and respected as a spiritual leader in her community, opening the way to this sacred land for other Yawanawa women.

This tradition breaking unified the masculine and feminine universes and brought the allure of feminine spirituality to complement and reinforce the Yawanawa culture.

Since 2016, Putanni and her husband Birasi Kasiki have been holding events in the village, providing a unique experience for those who desires to experience Yawanawa culture and spirituality at its source. Participants also contribute to the development of the Yawanawa Sacred Village Ceremonial Center.

Yawanawa people

Yawanawa is a tribe living in the state of Acre, Amazonia; indigenous men with population of about 1200 people, who have inhabited the banks of the Grigorio River since ancient times.

The first contact of Yawanawa people with a white man happened around the 19th century. It was a tense period of many conflicts with rubber manufacturers and missionaries who invaded their lands, they tried to ban Yawanawa culture and spirituality.

In the 80s, thanks to the struggle of their leader Birasi Nishiwaka along with their people, the Yawanawa regained the right for their native lands and became the first indigenous people to achieve this regularization in the state of Acre.

Since then, the people of Yawanawa have been working on in-depth restoring of their rich culture. Knowledge of sacred medicinal plants, their rituals, songs, dances, festivals, games, body painting and crafts.

On this journey, we will have na opportunity to experience the daily life, culture and spirituality of Yawanawa.

Cost of the trip is 3800$



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